Wapen van TemeculaDuring a visit to Voorburg in 1990 the then mayor of Temecula proposed to the municipal council entry into a special tie with his town in the American state of California. This proposal was officially ratified in 1993. The aim of town twinning between Temecula and Voorburg is development of the (international) awareness of the inhabitants and employees of both municipalities. The building of friendly ties, the cultivation of understanding for the mutual cultures and the increase in and exchange of knowledge are central to this. Since 1994 different types of exchanges have taken place. Municipal administrators, executives, students, bank employees, artists and various others have visited their 'twin town' in recent years.

Police officers and members of the fire service from both Temecula and Voorburg have regularly visited the two towns in the form of work secondments. Pupils from the Dalton-Vatel School Community in Voorburg and the Vail Ranch Middle School in Temecula have also exchanged. At the moment (May 2003) an exchange programme is being set up with the Chapperal High School in Temecula. Seen historically the town twinning between Voorburg and Temecula has a different origin to that of the two towns in Eastern and Central Europe.

Some facts about Temecula

Temecula lies in the south of the American state of California between the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. The town lies approximately 20 kilometres inland from the Pacific. The history of Temecula goes back to the eighteenth century when the settlement was founded by Indians. The name commemorates this, since it means 'where the sun breaks through the mist' in the language of the Luiseno Indians. The present municipality has existed officially since 1989 and is therefore relatively young. Temecula – with a surface area of 67 square kilometres – accounts for roughly 75,000 inhabitants.

The inhabitant count is still growing. Although many inhabitants work in the nearby large cities, the town itself has a traditional wine industry. Local small and medium sized companies offer employment to some 15,000 inhabitants. Promenade Mall, a large regional shopping centre, offers shopping fun American style. In Temecula there are three cinemas, many restaurants and 25 residential precincts with recreation parks, including the Voorburg Park. Three different golf courses can be found in the immediate surroundings. The Temecula working group from the Town Twinning Foundation maintains contacts with this American town via the Temecula Sister City Association.

More information
For more information and photos see the site of Temecula municipality.
You will find a great deal of supplementary information, photos and useful links on the Temecula working group's website. Look at  www.temecula.nl

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